Sleeve Filter with Compressed Air cleaning system

The sleeve Filters with Compressed Air cleaning system, are built incorporating the latest technologies and are designed conforming to the ATEX 94/9/CE directive. These systems are assembled utilising modular panels in press-bent galvanised sheet metal offering a modular structure. Resulting in systems with a filtering surface spanning between 92 and 465 m2. The dusty air extracted and containing the waste particles generated in production, is conveyed into a pre-chamber which promotes particle settling. The heavier particles fall into the hopper and are then discharged by force of gravity into a collection bin, whereas the air containing lightweight dust particles is filtered by the sleeves and expelled into the atmosphere. The sleeves are cleaned by a system which consists of jets of compressed air controlled by an electronic economiser that optimises jet times and intervals through a pressure differential sensor: the compressed air tank is supplied with the valves already wired.

Optional accessories:

– Rotary valve
– Anti-explosion panels