AIRBENCH BS-A 2000 kW 1,5

AIRBENCH BS-A is anautonomous workbenchwith cartridge filter self-cleaning with compressed air and built-in fan

  • Use: Fine dust extraction and filtering.
  • Operation: The fan operating in clean air creates a vacuum inside the bench, generating a flow of air descending from the operator to the perforated plane that removes the dust. The dusty air passes through the filtering fabric which separates the dust. The clean air is expelled to the side, through other filtering panels. The cartridges are cleaned with jets of compressed air.
  • Dust collection: The dust is collected in drawers.
  • Composition: Made from a galvanised sandwich panel structure. Consists of an extraction module where the fan is positioned, a central module with self-extinguishing filtering cartridges and the cleaning system. The AIRBENCH BS-C version, suitable for centralised extraction system, is without